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Different cage diameters question- MacFly

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I am beginner PPG pilot just finishing up my course. Currently training on a Parajet V3 with a TOP 80 engine. I still find the cage with engine rather heavy and bulky. Planning to purchase my own kit to suit my weight and height  (68kg weight and 165 cm height).  I am considering MacFly with Thor 80 engine - made of titanium they should be lighter than the V3 and also less bulky.  Interestingly the Macfly frame/cage comes in 3 diameters - 150cm, 138cm and 128cm, while the V3 is around 146cm.  A few questions

1. What would be the recommendation for the cage size? Is there any disadvantage of going with the smallest - 128 cm? 

2. Any recommendations on the size of wing? I am planning on the Roadster 2 but still debating size. 




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Cage size depends on a few things... Mac Fly and other brands.. 

The Mac Fly Thor 80 is only available in 128 and 138.. I wouldn't bother with the 128 unless your short and very light, (we have a 65kg pilot flying a 250 with 138 cages) Reducing the cage size reduces the prop size and ultimately reducing Thrust from a small engine..  The 1.5m cage is really only needed for those who want more power form the Thor 250 or there flying with a trike, standard output is around 90kg.. I have a 250 with standard cage and really only need more power for international level Slalom comp flying with a 16m..  

Cages now also come in two styles Standard and the New folding cage for easier transport, These are more expensive so you might be better of going for standard cage section. You can always upgrade to the folding cages in the future. 

Being the UK importer for Mac Fly we have a few Mac Fly's in stock ready for PDI and handover.  If you would like to come and view the Thor 80 your more than welcome. 



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Hi, and congrats on the decision to start with powered paragliding :)
I'm 178cm and 80kg today (soon 85kg after all the Christmas food) and I fly an old solo 210 with a 115cm prop. It's like the weakest paramotor engine you can have. 
Not a huge difference in launch, everyone needs speed around the glider to take off, and this engine works well for me.
There are youtube videos of a guy flying a Snake XX 15 and 16 with a solo 210, but I bet it's more fun with a stronger engine. I stick to standard gliders and are more than happy with it.

A small cage is easy to fit assembled in a car like my Berlingo, even if it just takes 2-5 minutes to set up your paramotor, I like the idea of having it ready straight out of the car. And for a shorter, lighter person it's obvious that a smaller cage is easier to handle on the ground. I bet you climb very well with the 128 cm cage, if you don't feel a huge difference with the 138 cm cage, go for it since it have benefits for your flying experience, try both cages on your back if you can.

For the glider size, aim to be in the middle of the weight range, all equipment included.

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