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Crack in my fuel tank. Good petrol-proof sealant / glue?

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I have a crack in the fuel tank at the top where my brass fuel line fittings screw in.

Every time I bend down to grab something fuel leaks out, mostly onto my harness. If I transport the motor with fuel in the tank the sloshing around leaks fuel all over the place.

I can either by a new Backbone fuel tank from Italy for $150 USD or try to repair it myself?

I've tried Amazing Goop (a kind of silicone sealant) but petrol just eats through the stuff.

Anything good that will:

- bond whatever plastic the tank is made from

- bond the brass fittings to the plastic

- be inert to petrol?


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We have the same type plastic tank

Try hot air gun with narrow nozzle like in vid

To clean tank use simple acetone 90% or above

Airless welder its nothink alse like simply soldering iron with properly flattened end

Try it ?



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