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ROS 125 Reduction Gear Oil


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Hi everyone,

i am looking for some advice on gear oil. I am doing a complete oil change on my ROS 125 reduction gear - the manual for this engine suggests that I use SAE 140 gear oil and I cannot find this anywhere in the U.K. Could anybody advise?

thanks in advance,


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Thanks for everybody's input I have contacted Opie Ools today who have been very helpful and have several options for me to try. I have been lookin at the ROS engine manual who recommend using 140 SAE, however, when looking in the PAP manual it recommends using 75W-90 oil. Having looked it appears that SAE 140 is a mineral oil and the 75w-90 is a synthetic oil. I could also get a 75w-140 fully synthetic oil. Could anybody suggest which oil might give the best performance and efficiency?



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