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polini 110cc carb

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Hi Guys my carb not sure what number it is but as any one used a different carb with flote chamber.  I have had 2 mosters, 2 rakets, 1 manari, 1 corse air, and now polini and i have sold them on only because the walbro carbs have always let me down!  I have bought setting kits done pop off preasure etc i think they suck, and yet again on my polini 110 gone to pot.  any other carb please advise.  cheers Dean

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The carb is a PWK. They take a bit more work to tune but are worth it (in my opinion). Unlike the Warlbro, you won't be able to lay the motor down without fuel leaking unless you drain the carb first. The carb likes to be level when ticking over so a blip of the throttle before bending down, eg, to pick up risers, is sometimes needed. 

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