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New to Paragliding UK

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Slightly off topic but wonder if anyone can help. 

I am new to paragliding. 

I have a private pilots licence but due to ever increasing costs and a recent redundancy/pay cut I am no longer able to afford to keep it current. 

I am keen not to let the knowledge and investment go to waste and would love to learn to paraglide. 

I have made contact with my local instructor and am hopefully going to meet up with him later in the week and observe what goes on, weather permitting. 

I have read the introduction leaflet in the BHPA website and am half way through the BHPA pilot handbook. 

Can anyone recommend any other books or anything else? 

Also, are all paragliding supplies mail order or are there any shops that you can visit in the UK? I am based in Swindon, Wiltshire. 

Kind regards, 


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Rob, I'm based in Aldbourne halfway between Swindon and Marlborough. I've been trained (7 flights, last 2 with no radio so still very much a novice in training) by Simon and can thoroughly recommend him and the team up at Membury. If you want to meet up for a beer or give me a call about the view from the trainees side of the fence feel free to drop me a message....

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