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Flying over SSSI

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As a Microlight pilot I understand the love of flying,  and in particular the feeling of flying in open cockpit  aircraft from beaches and out of the way places.

As  well as being a pilot I also volunteer at a SSSI site in North Wales as a Warden at the only Little Tern breeding colony in Wales.

The SSSI is at Gronant Beach in Denbighshire . Please can your pilots not to overfly as we have over 100 ofthe protected birds.

Thank you.

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Why oh why are you guys flying at 20 feet over nesting pens on an SSSI, that means a "site of special scientific interest". Each time you fly over you disturb over 200 nesting birds.Please just fly out to sea and avoid the site. If you know anyone who flies out of or near "Talacre Beach" , or "Gronant Beach"  please ask them to avoid the SSSI.

As I found in Microlighting it is better to police you own sport than attract negative press, or worse.

Please remember that under the "Wildlife and countryside act of 1981" it is an offence to disturb nesting birds" 

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There is an event on in Wales. the organiser is aware. 

The pilots will have been briefed to stay clear of airspace and local sensitive areas. The above is a good question though? 

Is this location actually detailed on the current air charts? I have had a very quick look and and cant seem to find anything that would put me off on the Paramotor or in KENI the heli. :-) 

If this is a real problem, you should contact the CAA and ask for some airspace clearance (like Slimbridge for example) otherwise no one will know it's an issue and it's a pointless effort on your part. 

Non of us are out there to annoy people, and to be fair it looks from a quick glance that there is no airspace infringement.

Your approach was a nice one :-) thanks for that, as a microlight pilot you know the score. :-) It's simple to set up airspace for any genuine bird sanctuary during sensitive times and as someone trying to help (which you clearly are) I would highly recommend this option for the future. 

Again, no one is out there to annoy you (or others or wildlife) please remember this. They are most likely abiding by the laws of the air (and any KNOWN about local sensitive areas.)

Kind Regards

Simon Westmore.



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