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REVIEW - Paramotoring: The Essential Guide



IMG_3124.jpgThere have been several books published over the years which have been regarded as an essential part of new PPG pilot’s accoutrement; For example, Paramotoring from the Ground Up: A Comprehensive Guide by Noel Whittall is probably the longest standing publication in this category along with Jeff Goin’s Powered Paramotor Bible, currently up to version 4. There are a few others too.

I always thought the columns by various pilots like Dean Eldridge and Jeff Goin, amongst others, in Paramotor magazine were particularly good; I liked the concise nature of each one and the diversity of topics covered and always felt it was a shame that these weren’t compiled somewhere for reference. 

So it was excellent news when Dean Eldridge published this book based on a similar format, along with considerable input from other respected pilots. Sadly, we lost Deano last year but the quality and accessibility of his work remains. I would suggest that Paramotoring: The Essential Guide is important reading for all new pilots, no matter which syllabus or school they are using. I’d also recommend every seasoned pilot to have a copy on their bookshelf for reference and entertainment. It makes for great reading and is a wonderful legacy to Deano’s skill as a world class PPG pilot.

IMG_3130.jpgSubjects covered are vast and include such fundamentals as how paramotors and wings work, along with the various technologies available, how to choose and buy your kit, plus an incredible amount of information about learning to fly and how to perform various techniques, as well as how to look after and service your equipment - the book with its well-written content and vast array of accompanying photographs and illustrations is a mine of information. The fact that it is very accessible and easy to understand makes it an essential buy. However, the book is not intended as a teach-yourself-to-fly manual - that would be madness. As an adjunct to the learning process - and remember, as pilots we are all forever learning - it is perfect.

Along with Deano there is a wealth of familiar names with a proven contribution in the world of PPG who contributed to the book: Chad Bastion, Sascha Burkhardt, Mike Campbell-Jones, Pascal Campbell-Jones, Michel Carnet, Daniel Crespo, Dav Dagault, Tom de Dorlodot, Bob Drury, Piotr Dudek, Eric Dafour, Ed Ewing, Tony Gibson, Dave Hairs, Paul Haxby, Klaus Irschik, Thomas Keller, Marcus King, Alex ledger, Edward Lichtner, Paul Mahoney, Dani Martinez, Ludovic Migneaux, Andy Phillips, Emilia Plak, Neil Slinger and Pascal Vallée. 

The book is clearly laid out in a logical order and has a clear contents page (actually three pages to cover the amount of chapters within the book), a six page index at the rear and a four page glossary at the back. 

IMG_3128.jpgThe following list of chapters demonstrates the depth of subjects covered:

  • Introduction by Deano (called ‘Welcome to our World’)
  • Learning to Fly
  • How we Fly
  • Reflex Explained
  • Choosing a Glider
  • The Different Types of Engines
  • The Propeller
  • Buying Secondhand
  • Running-in your Motor
  • High, Medium and Low Hangpoints
  • Thrust, Torque and Gyroscopic Precession
  • Airspeed and Groundspeed
  • Fitting your Speedbar
  • Converting from Paragliding to Paramotoring
  • IMG_3133.jpgFit to Fly
  • The Ultimate Flight Preparation
  • Laying Out the Wing
  • The Perfect Forward Launch
  • The Reverse Launch
  • Speedbar and Trimmers
  • Navigation and Flying Cross Country
  • Landing on Cross Country Flights
  • Landing Reflex Gliders
  • Spot Landings
  • Flying in Company
  • IMG_3135.jpgLow Level Flying
  • Cold Climate Flying
  • Flying Over Water
  • Adventure Touring
  • Flying Wingovers
  • Rapid Descent Techniques
  • Post-flight Inspection
  • Travelling with your Paramotor
  • Tandem Flying
  • Flying Trikes
  • Competition Flying
  • IMG_3136.jpgEconomy Flying
  • Slalom Flying
  • Pylon Racing
  • Setting Records
  • Understanding Risk
  • Avoiding Accidents
  • Killing the Motor
  • Reserve Parachutes
  • Why your Engine is Expensive
  • The Carburettor
  • Carb Icing
  • IMG_3137.jpgMaking Basic Repairs
  • Basic Propeller Repairs
  • The Spark Plug
  • De-coking a Two-stroke
  • Understanding the Fuel System
  • Ethanol and your Engine
  • Fuel Consumption
  • Enjoying your Flying

If you are starting out and learning to fly, are taking your first solo steps away from your instructor or are a seasoned pilot, I cannot recommend this book enough to everyone. For all those who knew and loved Deano it’s also great to see his happy smiling face doing what he loved within these pages - and the opportunity for his experience and wisdom to be passed on for current and future pilots.

Available to buy here.











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I'd have no hesitation in recommending this book to anyone flys paramotors or is thinking of giving it a go , there's not a boring chapter in there ' well worth getting .


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