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  1. Hi sw was pilot ok or did he get any injuries so I guess this is down to pilot error sw
  2. hi all I wear these plugs I used to work in a foundry had them made for very noise places had foam pumped in to ear for mould then made of rubber last a life time very comfatable as well not sure how much they cost but don't think they were cheep
  3. HI Scott yes mate we did ? rang rob we arranged to meet tomorrow between 4 and 5 oclock are you coming?
  4. Hi Sean Been busy at work ive had bit of an injury went over on my ankle on building site went down like a ton of bricks worst of it over now ive hooked up with some other flyers near me some in training 2 pilots there fields are in Exmoor near baslow they have 11 fields to fly from have arranged to meet one of them tomorrow hopefully to do a little flying weather permitting.sry to hear of your set back hope you have a quick recovery cheers chewi
  5. Hi Capotec2015 I bought a syphon from Halford think it was only £3:99 was abit slow but does the job ok better than taking tank off ?
  6. Hi sean used to work at a foundry at halfway andy cook owned it probably about 15 min drive away to beighton no probs mate theres plenty of time to meet up sometime I used to get back pain from foundry work used to get me down at times it stops you from doing thing and trying to keep on top of pain is mentaly tyring have spent many a hour laid in warm baths just to ease pain alittle when me backs gone.Take it steady cheers chewi
  7. hi sean hoping to fly sat evening if wind strength stays as it is or sun lookin good but you know what weathers like were in sheff do you live how far from chezie are you if not flying could meet u can have a look at motor and wing have chat if you up for it
  8. Hope everything goes well with op AndyB
  9. what kind of injury is it one that you will make full recovery from if you don't mind me askin?
  10. Hi sean I live in chesterfield nr sheff think I'm one of 4 that andyb talkin about will help if I can
  11. Thanks guys for great advice will only fly if I'm 100% sure its ok I have cp rating paragliding but I don't think myself as being experienced flyer as didn't do much flying(big regret) cheers Chewi
  12. Cheers for weather sites andyB and steve much appreciated
  13. hi AndyB Do you find that this weather windfinder forcasts to be right when you fly all the time or any other weather forcast you use or is it over time you get the feeling the time is right to fly?
  14. Bought this few weeks ago couldn't put it down was really good read from start to finish
  15. Thanks for reply stuart wing is 12yrs old only flown 3 to 4hrs still crisp have bought new motor which is a eos 100 booster which felt more powerful than the rad mxl motor which I flew this wing on I'm at top end of weight range of glider with no problems not sure if its just me over thinking stuff as ive not flown in a while cheers chewi
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