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Big NOTAM Issue ...?


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I have just tried to book a NOTAM for this afternoon with The Low Flying Booking Cell (CANP) and they informed me that they can no longer issues NOTAMs for single paramotors, in fact they require five paramotors before they can issue one. The guy was very helpful and when I stated the obvious safety issue he said that they agreed and that they had contacted BHPA who had acknowledged the minimum of five requirement. I asked him to confirm what he’d said, that the BHPA had agreed with this and were part of the reason it has been changed and he confirmed it.

Before I jump to any conclusions, can anyone shed any light on this? If I fly later I’ll be in my usual home turf which is often busy with low-flying fast jets, Chinooks and other military machines. I don’t want to be launching without a NOTAM.

I asked whether they’d had any other NOTAM requests for paramotors today and he confirmed they’d had one and they had issued a NOTAM. It seems like that was the last one because it all changes today. What I don’t understand is why the BHPA are supporting this and why I haven’t heard anything, anywhere, about it.

And what do we do now? Lie about the numbers flying springs to mind. It was suggested that if enough paramotor pilots contact the The Low Flying Booking Cell they will be willing to look at what they could do to help.

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What was the NOTAM for?

If just for 1 pilot in uncontrolled airspace flying in a normal manor, then I would be tempted to agree with the BHPA on this one.

If every PPG pilot submitted one for every flight, the NOTAM system would become useless overnight IMO.

For one pilot in a local area, contacting the ATZ of concern would be the way to go.


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not NOTAM, just CANAP (Civil Aviation Notification)

hi Stive,always force on them where you are flying.(RAF) no matter how many of you are flying,its must inform RAF

if they try argue.tell them"well if you want lost tornado worth few milion pounds."

its really working.


especialy like me like thermaling with motor in middle of day,not evenings

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