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Info needed on local training

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Im completely new to paramotoring and was wondering if any one could tell me my closest training camp. I live 5 minutes from Basingstoke just off the M3. And could someone also tell me if you need a license to do this and how long training roughly takes before your first solo flight. Cheers and sorry to babble on...

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Try Simon Westmore at http://www.paramotortraining.com/paramo ... /home.html, he operates out of Membury (just behind the services on the M4).

How long is a piece of string........on the time to train. If you have good weather you could fly on your 3rd or 4th day of training, but will go on learning over 10s of subsequent flights before being signed off. If you commit, take advantage of all flyable weather, you will be signed off in a couple of months.........leave it long periods between lessons, get unlucky with the weather, miss your chances and you will find people who have taken a number of seasons.

There is lots of advice to give , and plenty on this forum, but the one that crops up time and again, is.........talk to an instructor as soon as and DONT BUY ANY KIT till you have

Im sure Simon will be along in a minute. Give him a ring. I had a great experience there.

And you don't need a Licence, but you must abide by Air Law. It will all be explained in training.

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Hi, and welcome to the Paramotor Club :-)

Thanks for the recommendation Patrick, your a star!

Please do feel free to call any time up until 21:30 any day of the week, I will gladly talk you through the course content and answer any questions.

Hopefully I will hear from you later. :-) (My number is below)

Again, welcome!


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