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Ozone mojo 3

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It's a beginner paragliding wing. I started with the Mojo 2, which would be very much the same. After flying it for about a year with the motor I wanted something that lands and turns better and also flys faster. I got a Speedster which I still have.

The Mojo takes off really well. It lands with very little flair ability so comes to earth steeply. (I fell over on landing with it about one in five. When I got the Speedster I rarely fell over with it) the Mojo turns slowly and flies slowly. Its very passive and so safer. It's a good wing to start flying with but you will want to upgrade in a year or so flying.

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I would second the above.

The time for change would be either 1) you feel the need for something less 'bus' like. or 2) when you go flying with others.

The flying with others is the most frustrating bit of it if your slower than everyone else.


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