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Been a while!

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Hi everyone,

Been a while since I posted on here, last time I posted I had just bought my gear, I can now confirm I have had my first flight and several after with Mike Chilvers! Haven't flown much this year so far though, just 2 flights due to exams and being busy and not being a big fan of cold weather flying, however, exams are done tomorrow and now I am looking to really kick the flying off again, I just have a few queries!

Does anyone know any pilots in the fens/South Lincs area, I am from spalding and I know of plenty that fly out of Norfolk, but not so many around here! Any Boston/Peterborough flyers on here too? I see plenty come over the top of the house! Flying in a group is much nicer than on my own and I still lack full confidence to take off on my own.. I know, embarrassing :oops:

How many faces will be showing at Kings Lynn this year for the fly inn, I am guessing all as I am asking on the forum of the Host?

Lastly, I have a reserve chute that I bought in the winter but never got repacked, its from June 2006 so I don't hold much hope for it, but where and how is the best place of getting it checked?

Thank you!


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