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Macpara Velvet

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Hello all, I have the opportunity to buy a package of a Macpara Velvet, Parajet Volution Comp plus reserve for£2700. They are reputed to be immaculate with 20hrs use. They were bought new 2008 by the seller. I just want to check if people think the wing would be acceptable for a complete newbie as the Macpara website states they are an intermediate wing?

Any advise greatly appreciated.

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There are two ways of looking at this. either you buy a wing rated as a novice wing then replace it down the line with a sportier one, or buy one classed as an intermediate and 'grow into it'.

What size Velvet is it?

I have looked at the certification for the 26 and the majority of test results are A, with a smattering of B's. There are two C results but they are for manoeuvres or conditions that you as a novice are not going to be even contemplating at the moment.

My feeling is that you should go with the Velvet, but with a couple of simple provisions.

Do not attempt to fly in iffy conditions, as a novice this is a given. Follow advice from an instructor or experienced pilot.

Be sure to only start with small brake inputs, again good practice for a newbie. It is easy to overreact with the brakes when things appear to getting out of control but start with a mental approach of making small control inputs.

You have some hard work ahead of you in mastering the ground handling but that's true for anyone as a newbie. Good luck.

All the above is my personal opinion as an experienced pilot, ask more for a wider view,

Cheers, Alan

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Hi Alan, thanks for the reply. The wing is a 29 so the largest one rated to 150kg. I am 95kg in my birthday suit at the moment but hope to get back to 90kg. I am guessing I will be ok wing loading wise. Cant help but wonder if (a) I should wait and do my training to make sure his is truly the flying hobby for me before buying kit (tried all other flying hobbies except gliding) and (b,) the wing will be lacking in terms of safety and performance compared to a modern wing.


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