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Cheap deal on quality PMR radios

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If you want to try PMR radios the link below is the cheapest deal I can find for the radio recommended by Eddie Cartwright of MicroAvionics.


For 59.99 you get a PAIR of radios, batteries and charger and free delivery in the mainland UK. I believe these work with a standard two pin headset but will have to verify when mine arrive.

I absolutely love PMR and use them all the time with my family. Even if the kids are playing down the bottom of the garden or going round the shops I give them a handset so they are always in bo11ocking range!

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You did mention these before:

Posted: Fri Feb 01, 2008 8:45 pm

Post subject:

Cobra MT800 (a pair for 23 quid from Costco including charger) and a pair of Firefox Extreme throatmikes. No engine noise, no wind noise, clear speech. Fine for a pair of paramotors flying within a couple of kilometers or more.

Is there a big different between the two.......

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No there isn't. The main reason I mention the Midland is that most people are already using two pin headsets and as far as I understand these Midland radios are already compatible while Cobra use a single pin system that requires an adapter. If you are already using an Alinco 2m then I believe the Midland G7 is just plug and play.

Basically to summarise - if you want a good cheap set up then I would look at the Cobra with the Firefox throatmike (total cost less than 100 quid) or if you don't mind spending a bit more then the Midland with perhaps a MicroAvionics paramotor headset with sidetone (total cost just over 250 quid). Both of those set ups give you one headset but two radios.

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PMR in the UK use a selection of 8 channels on 446MHz in the UHF range. The channels are numbered 1 to 8. Each channel can then use 38 CTCSS codes which mean that up to 38 sets of users can be having different conversations on a single channel at the same time. A commonly used channel for paramotoring is 7-17 (ie CTCSS code 17 on channel 7) but you can use any you like.

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Just spoke to Eddie Cartwright who says that his paramotor headset works exactly as standard with the Midland G7, Alinco and Icom radios. He also sells leads that as well as connecting mobile phones and mp3 players, also allow you to connect and use 2 radios at the same time! I plan to run both my PMR and my airband ICOM.

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