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Insuring Paramotor Kit

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I have a question... how do you insure your paramotor kit when travelling to/from your take-off site?

My comprehensive car insurance is up for renewal, and I notice with interest that while the car is comprehensively insured, any trailer I tow is only third-party insured; in the event of, say, my trailer causing an accident and damaging somebody elses property, any losses incurred by them would be covered but the value of my trailer (and, much more importantly, what's in it) would not be covered. Seeing as my flying kit is worth three times the value of my car it all appears a little disproportionate :(

I guess if someone crashed into me I could claim my total loss (car, trailer, kit, everything) off their insurance - hugely inconvenient, but at least I wouldn't lose out.

As far as I can make out trailer insurance just covers the value of the trailer, not the contents. Some home insurance policies cover itemised items away from home - is this the answer??? Or do some flying policies also cover the value of the kit while travelling????

Any help/clarification/advice would be much appreciated...

Thank you xx

(For good orders sake let's keep this to trailers rather than converted towbar-mounted bike carriers.... a whole different kettle of fish!)

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Not what you wanted to hear but all enquiries I made in the UK about PPG kit insurance resulted in a 'nil point' response as soon as aviation was mentioned.

I tried to persuade them that it was just a motor in a frame but to no avail.

There is a company offering kit insurance in France but it is bl**dy expensive.


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I've had another thought. I have always had very good service and quotes from Adrian Flux Insurance.

If you just say you want insurance for the contents of a trailer up to a certain value they may be able to offer it.

Let us know how you get on.

@hotwinfiles. Does Direct Line know the use of the motor, I've always found that the sticking point. Be good to know.



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As mentioned before:

When it comes to a claim you will most likely find that 'Aircraft or parts of' are NOT covered in a standard home insurance policy. That is the question you need to ask the insurers.

They will all say yes to sporting kit, but the small print aviation bit over rides that.

Ultimately there are only 2 underwriters for home insurance (as they underwrite most of the underwriters) Having spoken at length to both of them I am 99% sure your home insurance policy will not cover it. :-(

Its worth asking if you 'think' its covered but you may as well be honest and tell them its an aircraft as they will only refuse the claim when you need it and you will have chucked your money away for a fake peace of mind.


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Useful input one and all, thank you for taking the time to respond and apologies if this has gone over old ground...

Just had a very useful chat with my insurance agent - it transpires that my Home Insurance (through NFU Mutual) covers me for "all losses" on itemised property, including away from home. I have openly declared and itemised my flying kit (specifically motor and wing) and they are fully aware what it is and what I do. Same for all itemised property on the insurance schedule: camera kit, shotgun, jewellery etc

I have asked the specific questions regarding transporting in a trailer - still 100% covered against loss howsoever caused, providing the trailer is locked when I'm away from it. Accidental damage, theft, fire, whatever :)

I did not however muddy the water asking about tow-bar mounted bike carriers, though would be forgiven to assume so long as the kit is locked to the carrier (as I do) it would be equally insured.

Tonight I will scrutinise the small print for any "catch-all" aviation clauses, but given how unambiguous I have been in describing what it is and what I do with it I'm pretty happy I'm covered.

Suddenly the ridiculous annual premium for insuring with NFU Mutual appears a little more palatable :wink:

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Sounds promising indeed! :-)

Deffo keep us in the loop :-)

I wonder if it may be worth contacting the NFU for a group policy or discount?


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Random thought, but do you really want to insure your kit? Why not be extra careful and spend the money on something else? Yes, it's a bit of a pain having to lock everything away, but most insurers won't cover you if you haven't taken reasonable care or left it unattended anyway.

3rd party insurance is a different kettle of fish.

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Why not be extra careful and spend the money on something else?

I get where you're coming from, but using that logic I won't bother replacing my cage the next time I bend it, I'll save some time, money and weight and just be extra careful not to let anything loose or fleshy near the rapidly rotating prop... I might even get away with it too.

I suppose we all have different circumstances. Personally I feel very lucky to own a half-decent paramotor and wing; I've worked hard for them and I've forfeited other things to afford them. They are, by a huge margin, the most valuable items I own, and were they to be stolen or accidentally damaged I simply would not be able to replace them.

That these transitory items, these material goods, are effectively irreplaceable is one thing, but they also enable me to pursue a hobby that has already taken me beyond what I ever thought possible. They are life-affirming, and they have (quite literally) altered my perspective of life. They make me feel ALIVE.

So it comes down to basic risk & reward. My wife and my many, many children are the most valuable "things" in my life, so she drives the safest, most reliable car we can afford and I make do with a cronky old banger, safe in the knowledge that should it break down on a rainy night - well, it's only me I've got to worry about.

Similarly I insure my kit because accidents that are nobody's fault still happen, and a relatively modest monthly premium offers fantastic value for money when measured in peace of mind.

Fly safe y'all xx

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