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St Neots area

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Hi all

I'm just getting back into paramotoring after a few years out.

Are there any groups in the st Neots area that wouldn't mind a extra person popping along?

In the good old days I used to pop over to paramotors uk in huntingdon and on a nice day there was always someone to play with.

I have just got myself a motor and hope to add the para part in the next couple days. :explode:


Steve b

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Hi gazza

Good to hear people getting back into it! I fly from a field in Biggleswade/Royston mainly...although I maybe selling up soon due to moving over to the dark side :-) start microlight lessons within a weeks time!

Don't do it. :D

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Hi Steve,

There's several pilots and trainees who fly at UKPPG near March, about 25 minutes from ST Neots. I fly from there of an evening as I work just a couple of miles from the field.

UKPPG (Nigel) Davies has a student who has just migrated over from UK Paramotors.

Nigel trains 7 days a week till dark if the weather is suitable. I didn't train there & have been flying 7 years but its a real friendly place & I have never seen him turn out a bad pilot.. Look UKPPG up on the internet if you want or pm me for his contact details.


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