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Has anyone on here tried one of these???

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Magnetic Go-Pro holders that attach to your wing



Perhaps more relevant, has anyone made their own? Looks straightforward in principle, but there must be potentially serious downsides if not done correctly.

Keen to learn from the experience of others before breaking my wing!


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I bought some small high strength magnets just this week to make one! I was planning to epoxy 4 magnets to a piece of cardboard and stitch it inside some felt or soft material for the panel inside the wing. Then do the same for outside, but push a go pro mount through a centre slot, then tape and epoxy the mount in place with 4 more opposing magnets before covering it all also in felt or cloth.

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In principle it should be dead easy, though I'll take a little time getting the compromise between magnet strength and protecting the wing fabric right; every layer of protective felt etc between the opposing magnets will reduce their effectiveness, and I'm keen to retain as much strength as possible. Clearly attaching the camera with some manner of safety lanyard is necessary, just in case.

Then there's the size of the mounting plate to consider. Too small and the footage may be too unstable to watch, too large and the weigh & shape will effect how the wing handles - the irony of capturing perfect 1080HD footage as I spiral uncontrollably back to earth doesn't bear thinking about!

I planned to start experimenting with the display mounting plate that came with my Hero2. I guess it's about 4" square, which I instinctively feel is as small as is likely to work; reassuringly it doesn't look too different in size to the rather garish items in the video clip above.

So strength, stability and (above all) safety. Can't wait for a suitable day to experiment while ground-handling, then once I've built enough confidence take it for a spin. In the meantime any additional advice/views would be much appreciated.

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When I was over in France one of the pilots with Backbone had done exactly that when they were filming in Africa, used the display mounting plate fixed in place with with repair tape. It was in the centre of the wing approx 24 inches back from the leading edge. Seemed to work fine.

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