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Wing and a Chair 2014


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Hey all.

I was planning to resume teaching this spring but I've managed to pull a muscle in my back which I am being told may need physio.

I am therefore ground bound and unable to groundhandle a wing or teach effectively.

I will reopen the website contact page as soon as I am back up and running.

All the best

Steve Haze

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Hi Steve

Sorry to hear about the injury, can you pm me your e-mail so we can keep in touch. Currently doing an intro course with Flybubble paragliding, but thinking of moving across to paramotoring sooner than later.

Kind regards

Cessna :D

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Hi Steve,

I'm doing an EP course with Airsports at Steyning at the moment and looking for Paramotor training in Sussex too, once I've done that. I'll probably aim to continue and get CP in parallel with powered flying too.

Also sorry to hear about your injury, if you have not yet recovered I hope it doesn't put you out of action too much longer.

As of today, the Wing and a Chair website redirects to the BHPA site :-(


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