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Hasn't learned his lesson!


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A friend has just very kindly sent me a link to 'Super Dells' latest YouTube propaganda video where he appears to film and 'follow one students journey' through his training course.

I have to say I was a little disappointed that despite the well publicised death of one of his students from a head injury, he was still teaching ground handling on a windy beach, next to a huge pile of rocks and boulders and not one of his students had a Hemet on!

The students 'journey' then continued to 'wing over' training which whilst a lot of fun, might be a bit much for you initial training course.

Then comes the 'piece de resistance'. He teaches his new student how to fly tandem! Now, call me old fashioned but I would of thought it takes a good few years experience, hours and flying know how before I would even consider taking a passenger flying with me, and yet 'Super Dell' is encouraging it during basic training!

This man continues to be a tit of the first order and is still our communities number one menace! I'm sure it won't be long until he kills another poor idiot that watches his videos and believes his hype!

Rant over.


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Yes, I confess I also forced myself to watch that video.

Not only was he teaching students after 10 days to do a tandem, but the tandem passenger was DS's own wife.....and she wasn't wearing a helmet either!

Another note, he also had his students doing SAT's, something in my humble opinion should only be attempted with a helluva lot more experience than his students had.


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I haven't watched this particular video, but I did have an internet exchange with Dell last year.

I cannot begin to describe the depth of my contempt for this individual. His arrogance knows no bounds, he takes the view that anyone who doesn't agree with him is wrong by defenition and he resorts to bringing his religion into the argument at an early stage.

As I've said before, I am amazed that such an individual continues to survive in a country where gun ownership is common.

Rant over.

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