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paramania volution trim settings please help


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hi all

i have a paramania revolution wing , i got it second hand over a year ago (it must be good because the owner only flew it a couple times each year and he recently missed it so much he asked if he could buy it back) any way ive decided to take to the motor and have booked to have my motor conversion/lessons .

ive finally got the wing out of the bag to check out the risers and the trimmers are just red and blank, no stitch mark or indication of trim levels, ive searched the web and noticed that paramania issued an up grade that was red and green with indication on it ,ive contacted it them and they no longer issue this upgrade becasause they no longer make this wing. so to enable me to mark the risers my self correctly could so one with this wing and the upgrade either send me a close up picture of the riser markings with a ruller next to it with the 0cm mark on the bottom or top setting so i can copy it, or even better scan it retaining the original size so i can print it out on tshirt printer paper and transfer it to the trimmer myself.

sounds strange but it would help me a lot.

many thanks


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If you set the trimmers to the point where (all of your millions are level) when you hold the risers from the clip in point ( I will try to find a pic ) This is your trimmers in the Neutral position. :-)

Thats where you want your mark.



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thansk si

so let me get this right and plaes confirm for me.

trim pulled all the way in = soaring and landing in light winds no reflex but dont use speed bar

trim pulled so rear riser 2cm bellow the netural line = best take off (even in nill wind??)

neutral = once taken off and at safe height cruising postion (still dont use speed bar?) but is this in relex mode or not? and do i use brakes to stear or wing tip at this point)

and then anything above neutral is in relex but dont use speed bar unless 100% relex ??


in advance for clarification

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