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Airspeed Indicator


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Hi All

Finally started my training, have booked some paragliding training with a local club.

In the meanwhile gradually collecting the necessary equipment. Quick question with the very narrow speed band of a paramotor (when compared against my fixed wing experience) is the ASI function on some alt/vario instruments worth having?

Kind regards


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It takes the PPL sorts a while to get their heads around the idea of nothing but an altimeter for instruments but once you get used to it, you will love the fact that you never need your 'eyes inside'

Congrats on starting the training!


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I use a SatMap, purely because I already had one. I use the 'time moving' 'max speed' 'average moving speed' for filling into my flight log. I also record fuel used. If you get lost it will always guide you home as well.

I also had an aged E'Trex which I carry as a back up with a GoTo set on my take off site, purely as a back up.

The weight is negligible and as I'm a beginner it gives me the confidence to go cross country. Today I used the ground speed indicator as I was using the speedbar for the first time and wanted to estimate the speed increase, which is 6mph.

I think instruments have a part to play when you're learning, its a back up for your instincts really..I'm learning to estimate my altitude as well, backed up by an altimeter watch, which I also already had !!

So I agree with Simon, minimalist is the way forward, but as a beginner who flies alone, I do find instruments handy to back up what I'm estimating up there...

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Thanks for the advice, I have to agree about the PPL bit (although coming from a gliding background, my flying has always been more about "feel" than playing a "numbers" game) When I did my Silver C conversion my first instructor went ballistic if I didn't have a 1/2 mile separation between me and other aircraft in circuit!

It's the freedom element that attracts me to Paramotoring


Cessna :D

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