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Securing your kit


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Hi, just wondered what people's preferences are on security the parts in flight? Some people have recommended hot wiring the springs, but I've had the more unusual recommendation of silicon gel in the springs. Has anyone used this? I found some silicon filler in Wickes and couldn't get my head around whether its the right stuff. Is it strong enough to do the job, and equally, is it flexible enough to absorb vibration and not become brittle? If anyone agrees could u please recommend a product name and brand? Im feeling sheepish about pouring bathroom filler on my motor, just to avoid shelling out for hotwire cutters!

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I used silicone and it worked fine however I personally found that it detracted from the look quite a lot and wished I had not bothered.

The next time I did it, I bought thin wire rope from B & Q and then got a chock block / electrical block ( dont know correct name) I undid the two screws and fed both ends of the wire right the way through and then tightened both screws on each end. I personally preffered this appreoach as it meant I could undo it easily and reapply without making a mess.

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