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Cheap is not always the best option..

If it's cheap it will most probably have 100's of hours on it or be a Very old design.

More than likely the company is no long trading

Getting Parts could be Hard Or impossible (ok if your good with tools)

I would say buy a popular modern motor set up.

Save up the extra money it WILL save you money and time in the near future...

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I would tend to agree with Morgy on this one (it can end up costing just as much in the long run)

If it's a cash 'flow' issue and he just wants to get flying and understands this. I would suggest spending some money on training at a school that can provide the kit. (this will get him flying ASAP and he will also find out if he likes it) :-)

It is (OK) to start on low end kit for sure!! My first set up was a Rad and a second hand Ozone Electron and I loved every second of it for about a year! :-) but I was SOOOOOO happy when I got my first Parajet and Reflex wing! :-)

It is annoying that everything has become so expensive in this sport :-( It's not quite as accessible as it used to be thats for sure.


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