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Parajet Prop Mould on Ebay


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I spotted this on eBay (I have nothing to do with the seller) and thought it might be of interest to someone on here?


I know that Simon has a lot of experience with carbon fibre so wonder if it looks like it might be useful?

It may kick start a project for someone whose prop is smashed beyond taking a mould of it for themslves??!!

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Notice me not rushing to buy them. ;-)

The mould looks to thin to me to ensure that there will be no warping of the part during the curing process. (you could beef them up by adding some 4x4 and putting more glass over the top.

You can't enlarge the picture so I can not see the surface finish of the mould. This is vitally important to a decent end result. (you can polish moulds ' assuming the person who made it used a decent layer of tooling Gel to make it with' but it effects the shape of the end result slightly of course)

Then there is the how too...

It is not as simple as making two parts, trimming them and sticking them together. It needs a core material. (working with core materials in this way is super expensive and hard!!)

In a nutshell, if your the sort of person who wants to play with this sort of thing, make your own 2 part mould.

There is a saying in the industry, " no one ever sells a decent mould "


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