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First Aid Course for Paramotor Pilots


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Hi All,

There will be a 2 day first aid course designed for PPG pilots on November 20th & 21st at the Parajet headquarters. In attendance so far will be the training staff from Sky School including Alex Ledger and Parajet Chief Pilot Kester Haynes. Should be some excellent chat over the coffee breaks!

The course will cover trauma care, illnesses and incident management in remote environments with a strong emphasis on practical demonstrations and scenarios that have been or may be encountered by PPG pilots.

The course is taught by Ric Winter. He is a Wilderness Emergency Medical Technician, Remote Emergency Care trainer and PPG pilot.

The training is certified by Remote Emergency Care who will upon completion of the course, provide you with First Aid at Work or REC level 2 certification.

Training will be 9:00am-5:30pm both days. A training manual and refreshments will be provided. Attendees are responsible for meals and lodging.

Course tuition is 120.

Call Ric at 07414 706578 to register.

See you there! :D

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Hi Ric.

I already have the 3 day "First Aid at Work" certificate. Is there a significant difference between that and this course?

I'd probably expect more in the way of self administered first aid, maybe more dealing with breaks and sprains, maybe some "remote locations" sort of stuff.

I'd like to persuade my employer to fund at least some of the course, so I'm looking for additional skills I'd learn, to help make the business case for funding.



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Hi Matt,

The course is framed entirely around remote incidents. The scenarios include both self rescue and helping others. The skill set for remote care are distinctly different from a workplace course to match the increased challenges we face in the field.

Everyone signed up for the course so far has had either FAW or EFAW (not required by the way) so there will be some refresher topics for the group. If your FAW is current you will receive a level 2 remote emergency care certificate.

This is a very practical course with lots lots of tips and tricks. Good fun and meaty!



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This thread has been buried.

Guys and girls, a first aid course is a gift. (even when you have to pay) a first aid course aimed at the specific things that you and your friends do makes you an asset with a gift! :-)

If you can afford it, and have the time, I highly recommend that you attend this one :-)


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