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  1. I've had the same issue since the new board went live. still have a 1 new message and there isnt one
  2. I just realised your posting in the future simon !
  3. Will the cost be reduced based on numbers attending ?
  4. I put up a post on the groups forum to ask for help
  5. You could sign up to the devon PPG club and talk to local pilots http://groups.yahoo.com/group/dcppgclub/ Im one of very few lady (no laughing Pete) pilots and am always keen to encorage more woman to our sport.
  6. Wessex is the club that has ringstead as their site, they used to have a Power coach and were not all 'anti smelly machines' www.wessexhgpg.org.uk
  7. You men should never assume what we wives think. I completely agree that paramotors must be stored carefully, lovingly polished and tinkered with, when not in regular use, sometimes they must be in the house, as must wings and suits and reserves and boots. Not a word of complaint from me. Does that make me a good wife?
  8. Well done lee, so good to hear you in the air are you still on the EC simo?
  9. so do I have an airbox for my birthday?
  10. Had nothing but excellent service myself. Ps. Everything great comes to he who waits
  11. I got an ice cube tray with soft bottoms! from him lol
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