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Arguments Supporting Foot Launched Use of National Parks & R

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I'm attending a meeting of the Wicklow Uplands Council in Ireland in 2 days. At present no aircraft are allowed to take off within the National park (Powered or Unpowered).

Im looking for arguments supporting foot launched aviation (Powered/Unpowered) in National Parks & Recreation Areas.

I understand that in many other countries some of the best & most used flying sites are inside National Parks?

So far I have:

1. No impact on the environment as the pilot is only on the ground for approx 20ft. A child running in the grass for an hour has much more impact on flora. Hikers have more impact etc.

2. Silent (Unpowered)

3. Novelty value supports tourism re. viewers & bystanders.

4. Suffers from lack of awareness by the general public & is actually very safe.

5. Free & foot launched flyers are generally very aware of the environment & appreciate nature, minimising their impact on it.

Thanks for any other suggestions.

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I wish you the very best of luck. I spent more than a year trying to negotiate with the Brecon Beacons National Park Authority - I had been flying from there for ages and was well known in the area for doing so. I provided a three page document to their meeting of all the background they needed covering such things as safety, wildlife, noise, relationships with farmers, training, insurance, etc.

However, they are too scared of any responsibility coming back to them so predictably refused (and the list of reasons they gave when refusing to provide official permission ranged from vague to ridiculous). You tend to be dealing with petty-minded bureaucrats at the end of the day whose primary ignorant concern is their own liability.

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Even if you get the 'Wicklow Uplands Council in Ireland' talked into this- which is possible.... you'll have to get the IAA to retract the prohibition from 'flying from public places' rule in the terms of their exemption.

I will hopefully have a word with the IAA next week on the Exemption status.


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My understanding is that the prohibition on taking off is a local bylaw, not an IAA regulation, but I stand to be corrected. Ill be mainly just listening & throwing out feelers on Wednesday, then we'll see if we can establish a way forwards.

Just checking the wording on my exemption certificate there- and if you went by the letter of the law then there wouldn't be a lot of areas that you can actually fly....

(Quoted from actual exemption cert- Applies to Republic of Ireland only... Northern Ireland is UK)

Item 3-

No flight may be made at any height over-

a- any town, city, or built up area

b-any area of commercial, residential or recreational use

c-any open air assembly of persons, whether gathered in connection with an event or public entertainment or otherwise

Comments- Commercial/Recreational- Can you legally fly over farmland? Forrests, etc.... Ambiguous. As far as I am aware taking off and landing in public areas is prohibited.

Also, of interest

Item 1

A valid JAR-FCL Class 2 Medical Certificate issued by an Irish Aeromedical Examiner must be held at the time of flight

Comments- Surely a certificate issued by any JAR medical practitioner would be enough. The whole idea of JAR (Joint Aviation Requirements) is to adopt a harmonised standards system throughout the international member states.... so why does the certificate have to be from an Irish Medical Examiner???

Item 2

All flights must be conducted in daylight Visual Meteorological Conditions under Visual flight Rules and in Class G airspace below 4000 above mean sea level.

Comments- Yes only 4000ft!!!! unbelievable!!!


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Attended this meeting tonight. It was very well organised & run, with some very nice people attending. I'm happy to say that we received a very good reception. This will not be a quick process, but certainly a positive start. Thanks for your feedback, especially Steve. Cheers.

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