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Smoke system


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Another way of doing it- instead of modifying your exhaust system, would be use a piezo electric transducer, pump and a glycerine solution- similar to the small smoke machines you get at parties... With a bit of tweaking you should be able to get it working on a 12v battery.... not sure what the smoke density would be like though- but would be worth a try...

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I'd just buy a load of the pyrotechnic smokes. You can get them with varying burn times. You have no control over them, once they're going they stay going until they've used up all their fuel, but they have the huge benefit of simplicity. It would be very simple to knock up a lightweight carrier for them, that allowed access to the pull ring. The injection system required to inject any kind of smoke generating chemical into the exhaust would have to be quite heavy, plus the added weight of fluid to carry, plus the technicalities of pumping a chemical into the exhaust. Nice idea but all horribly complicated.

If you do manage to put a workable system together I'd be very interested to see it!

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I see its been several years and there's tons of discussion on this topic now.  Consensus seems to be to adapt the RC smoke equipment and pipe it into the exhaust.  There's a very good YOUTUBE video by an Ultralight guy who has done substantial thinking and research on the optimal location in the exhaust system.  There's guys making low cost fine spray nozzles {in the RC Planes forums] to generate better smoke, etc.

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