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ScoobySnacks and his great Paramotor Adventure

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Hi everyone.

If you've seen my intro post, you will know that I am hoping to do my training with Simon at Membury soon. I thought I'd start this blog now, to get in to the habit and to keep a full record of the journey from start to finish!

My first task, before I can start training, is to raise a load of money to pay for the training. I hope this will help those who are wavering to make their minds up and JUST DO IT!

So I have been on a thorough dig through the many years of accumulated crap around the house, and found a load of stuff to pop on eBay. (If Simon doesn't mind, I might pop links up here. Nothing paragliding related but might pique somebodies interest!)

I've spent today putting things on eBay, and hope to clear a couple of hundred quid from them, which will be a decent start. I'm also a charity shop afficionado, so I'll be looking out for things to sell when I'm out and about.

Really excited about this project (does it show?) and I reckon if I can clear £500 from selling stuff, I can justify the rest from savings, just to be in the air again!

I hope to have more news soon.



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Well, I said I'd update this, and as usual I've been pretty rubbish at it.

So the eBay spree has netted £400, with another £200 or so to come in the next few days, so we're getting there. I have a few items to sell that will push me past the required figure. Simon, better start praying for some kindness from the weather gods (and whatever personal deity you pray to, reckon I might need the help! ;) )

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