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Hey everybody, new boy here, please be gentle!

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My name's Matt. I dragged Simon out this afternoon for an informative and encouraging chat at the airfield at Membury and he pointed me in this direction. Now, he seems an honest type, but you can't be as bad as all that so I thought I'd pop in and say hi! ;)

Simon, thanks for taking the time to come and chat. It was good to meet you and reassuring to hear about your experience and obvious knowledge of, and love and passion for the sport! I'm working on it! ;)

A little about me. I'm very local to Membury, about ten minutes drive away, and have been in to flying since I can remember, if not longer. I have flown all sorts of things, and held (for a short time, medical issues, long story) a CPL ME/IR.

I've been looking for an affordable way to get back in to the air, and have seen a few paramotor's around the area (anyone who flies around the Bucklebury area, or the guys who fly off the field on the sharp bend at the bottom of the hill on the B4001 between Lambourn and Childrey, you know who you are!)

I had a quick google, thinking that the costs would be prohibitive, and that there wouldn't be anywhere nearby to learn, but was delighted to find that Simon was just down the road and that the money side wasn't necessarily as prohibitive as I thought.

So that's a bit about me, let the journey begin! :D

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Get stuck in! I learnt.......am still learning with Simon. Started in April. Great bunch of instructors, fun and safe.

I'm sure he said, don't rush into buying anything till you have sounded out as many people as possible, but don't hold back on getting the tuition started.

Good luck

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