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Anyone selling a Polini DRS?

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Hi Tom

The benefits of the Having EGT (Exhaust gas temp) sensor is it's almost instant and is a much better way to see if you motor is running hot. As far as i am aware most heat seizures are from problems that occur in the air, Shit in the filter leaking fuel line etc. EGT will pick this up much faster than CHT.

Another advantage is it takes less time to tune your engine, Not sitting there revving the Sh1t out of it annoying all your neighbours.

There are a few more advantages but they are really for multi piston engines.

There is a slight down side as well... BUT this depends on your Motor Manufacturer, I know my moster EGT is meant to never go over 530-550c Mine reads in the 600's But has a good Plug colour.. It depends where they place there EGT when they took the temps . So you have to look at the plug colour (Plug Chop) and CHT so you know your not running excessively hot. You can take the MAX temp on the PPG Meter and set the PPG Meter Alarms accordingly.



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