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For those who are serving or ex forces PAX insurance offer life and accident cover for paramotoring, but not third party liability. I haven't enquired about rates yet but they were fairly cheap for going to Afghan!

Email from them:

Both of the above policies do provide cover for accidents sustained whilst flying a paramotor/powered paraglider as long as you are adhering to all the relevant safety regulations, that you are wearing the necessary safety equipment and that you are not putting yourself in needless danger.

Unfortunately, we are unable to provide you with Personal Liability for the above activity.

With many thanks for taking the trouble to contact us and assure you of our prompt attention.

Kind Regards,

Helen L D'Aguiar


Customer Support Representative

Customer Operations | AIG

Norfolk House 3rd Floor Wellesley Road Croydon CR0 1LH

http://www.paxinsurance.aon.co.uk/paxin ... urance.asp

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I've been looking at getting third-party insurance, and this one (that you linked to above) looks like a good bet.

I had a quick look through the policy wording, and it looks like it should cover me just fine, although one of the clauses says that the insured must have the necessary certification and licencing as required by law. In the UK I guess that this basically means none (?!). I am a BHPA qualified paraglider pilot, but I have never done any paramotor training. So would I still be covered by the policy? I think so, but does anybody know differently?

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Correct Tom, as long as your licensed to fly (as required by law) in the country your flying in your cool. As we know, there is no licence in the UK to get.


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