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Can I Fly With This Prop?


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Just bought a Paramotor with slight damage to the prop and was wondering if I could save it or if I need to bin it.

The one side has been repaired with some form of glue, has a hairline crack and been cut and sanded smooth on the one edge

The other side has a slightly worse slit and has also been cut and sanded smooth on the one edge.

The previous seller told me he flew it like it was but im a little unsure if the prop will eventually shatter in flight so could I inject the hairline cracks with a form of Epoxy to bond it back together, re-epoxy the bad repair and balance it

Would this work until I can get another?





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100% do not fly with it or even fire it up.

The out of balance 'ness' will shake your motor to bits. is about the best outcome I can think of. (there are many worse ones)


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