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Overhead Langstone Harbour Yesterday....


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After the separate Lancaster and Flying Fortress fly pasts, I saw a red and white wing from my vantage point at Fratton Park yesterday afternoon - all I want to say is that if whoever was bimbling across the water had decided to land in the centre circle during the match causing it to be abandoned, you would have had 15,000 Portsmouth supporters singing your praises. And if you'd happened to have taken out the referee the freedom of the city would have been yours for the taking!

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Carl, I am ashamed to say that despite having owned my kit for three years I still have to get my backside properly into the air. It's nothing more than laziness and a lack of confidence that has stopped me so far despite the best efforts of paramotormike and timm9227 from this forum.

However..... weather permitting I'm down at Membury this coming Wednesday and Thursday, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I'll finally cross that line and get airborne. If that happens then it'd be great to meet up.

Where abouts do you fly from? I know Otherton is up that way as I used it back in the microlight days, but don't really know the area that well.

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I flew with Mike in my early days,he works away a lot so dont get to see him lately.

I've got a field (farmers) that I use.

Its about 15 min on the motorway for you.

Pull your finger our and get flying.. your missing out big time.

Get the basics in with the Membury and come fly your local area. Cannock chase is on our doorstep.

I also fly with another 6 pilots

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