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tillotson carb 210 solo engine

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Here we go.the tillotson carb fitted to the 210 solo engine with the external pulse pipe coming from the cylinder to the carb is a HR-181B carb.the carb i have fitted by mistake is a HR-181A carb the difference being the pulse is delivered via machining holes in the inlet manifold between the cylinder and the carb and uses the internal pulse.QUESTION would there be any advantage to fitting the section of carb of wich i have with the external pulse.and would i have to isolate the internal pulse.the reason for asking is the pulse pipe is put there for a reason on the solo .and it,s agravity fed engine,and i got a few starting issues,but wen going it runs ok

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can,t get he revs any higher that 1060 on the L screw 1/8 either way and it,s game over.so topped it up with the throttle stop screw and it ticks over and revs to 6600.so i held it for two mins and went for engine chop to cheke the plug and it wouldn,t switch off so backed right of the throttle and it wouldn,t go no lower that 3000.and that,s where the f=0/.;]er stayed till it ran out of juice.but it will switch off when it ticks over.question with the butterfly closed where dose it get the juice from and is the kill switch a seperate issue.10.6 hours of ground run to date.3 hours airtime willing to try anything now

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