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Transporting gear

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I'm a big fella at 6ft5" and 110kg and drive a Saab saloon. I can just about fit my Bull dog Moster, large wing and the rest of my kit in the car and get about but am slowly ruining the cars interior. Ill probably end up buying a van, but has anyone used one of these tow bar attachments for mounting your motor on the back of your car? How secure are they? Any ideas people?


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I have the Thule.

Cut & fixed a light weight plywood base & some wooden guides to stop my V5 from sliding. I then just use 3 straps, 2 holding the frame to the Thule top bar & one threaded through the bottom of the frame to a couple of fixing points on the plywood base. I take it all over the country like that. Taken it to Scotland & back (720 mile round trip) a number of times with no worries doing 70 on the A1. Takes a couple of minutes tops to strap down for a long distance trip with the V5 fully assembled & front reserve in place. Arrive at the field, do your checks, clip in & fly. You can't get less hassle than that.

One strong recommendation is a cover. These are excellent & rain proof. :!:

http://www.solparagliders.com.br/en/ind ... &Itemid=76

Perfect hight for getting into before launch.

If you want some pics let me know.

Happy Flying


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