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130 cm propeller on pap pa 125

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I'm not happy with my current propeller, It causes more vibration than it should because of a repair I did last year that probably messed up the profile some.

I've got the 1400 frame with 125 cm propeller but I'm going to replace it with Helix H30F 1.30m R-M-05-2, I asked PAP and that's the one to use for 130 cm, but they recommend 1450 frame.

I want to try to see how it works on my 1400 frame. I read that Keith in South Africa replaced the rubber mounts to the engine with stiffer and bigger ones to make sure that it clears the frame properly so I'll do that as well.

Is there any significant difference in performance between 125 and 130?

Anyone else tried that propeller?

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Have not tried a 130cm, but have heard that you get 3-4kg more thrust.

A lot of guys here use oversize props, much to the amusement of some.

Every time they stumble or fall over (even gently), they get a prop strike.

Adamantly this is with a different cage to PAP, but without the oversize props, it's not an issue.

This is probably why pap recommend the 1450 frame...

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Yes I've heard that too about the prop strike. I hope it depends on how much the cage flexes. I got the 2 part frame with reinforcement bar so it's strong and hopefully strong enough. But the engine mounts needs to be replaced on this one, the motor itself flexes so much that the prop can hit the frame even though it looks like there is plenty of space between the cage and propeller.

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I've got a PAP top80, wiht a 1400 cage and fly with a 130 prop.

It's a 2 part cage so is fairly strong.

I've never had a prop strike on the cage, but at the bottom of the cage it is quite close, but it's never been a problem, assuming you land on your feet.

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Thanks for the info.

I ordered new mounts for the motor now. We'll see if they fit properly. Funny with internet, I found a place 100 km from home that makes them but it turns out it is cheaper and easier to order them from Poland.

I'll add a few washers on the lower mounts as well to make sure it clears better from the bottom of the cage just to make sure.

They use soft rubbers on the pa 125 and they flex because of the gyroscopic load so I think there is a difference between the top 80 and pa 125.

Very fond of the top 80 engine, used to have a miniplane. Can imagine it works very well with the 130 cm propeller.

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I got the 130 cm prop now with new engine mounts. Works well. I'm happy with the result.

Climb rate is not that much better I think but economy for staying in level flight most certainly are. That I find important as well since the engine noise gets lower.

The motor revs to what it used to do, no difference at all so it seems to be the right propeller for that size.

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