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I Felt A Pop!!!!!!!

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Had a 45 min fly last night about my 8th flight on the Nuc, im told it looked a super take off certainly felt good, nice climb out and around 500ft I felt a pop the riser's twitched and my immediate thought was sh#t that felt like a line letting go, feathered the throttle start the checks looking up check the lines one by one, heart about to pop out my chest and.............Nothing, strange I thought definitely felt something. By now I had started a gentle turn back and it was then as I looked down I saw the problem staring right up at me ah :oops: the Zip on my super dooper flight suit had burst open f'#k it must have let go with some force :lol: , I know id put some weight back on and maybe more than id like to admit lol :lol: Oh well throttle open nice 45min evening flight enjoying it so much forgot to pull the trimmers in, so super fast sliding landing and stopping on my arse sigh I must go on a diet :lol::lol:

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