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tempretures and tuning ect


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please excuse me if this is covered some where else but i would like clear definitive answer rather than trawling though post to see what i can understand.

and it wouldnt really be a forum if no one asked rather than searched :)

i have a parajet voulution 2 , my question is this, in degrees C what should the head tempreture be and what should the EGT tempreture be, and also what does the tempreture tells me my understanding is this if the tempreture is too high at low revs then the engine is lean on the low end Needle if the tempreture is too low then its too rich on the low end needle , the same for the high end needle when at high revs, is this correct and what should the temps be and what sort of tolerance from thoese temps is aceptable many thanks in advance for your answers


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It would be nice if it were that simple.

Cylinder head temperature and exhaust gas temperature can be used to indicate if something is going wrong and needs attention. They won't tell you what is wrong in the manner you describe.

High or low running temperature could be due to incorrect setting of the carb, air leakage, incorrect ignition timing, incorrect lubrication, inadequate cooling and probably a bunch of other factors.

By all means use the temperatures as guide to your engine's health, but don't expect a magic diagnostic tool.

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