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Castrol Oil recall

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If anyone finds a bottle which is inside the numbers recalled, give it to a poli 200 owner and maybe they can claim a piston or something to take the hit out of the repairs lol


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SimonW - the team at Castrol would like to thank you for your comments and assure you (and other contributors to this post) that we do take this issue very seriously. Once we were aware of the problem we took prompt action to recall affected lubricant products across Europe; as we believe that some of this product may be contaminated with water which could result in safety issues around its use as it could potentially lead to engine seizure. Therefore we are contacting all known customers and end-consumers to recall the product. We appreciate your posts on this forum - we would like to let as many customers know as possible, making it clear whether or not their product may be one of those affected.

So just to clarify: The products were sold between 3 September 2012 and 15 April 2013. This product is mainly used in motorcycles and small scooters, but may also have been used in other two stroke engines. If motorcyclists and other potential users have used the contaminated product, they have been advised not to use their equipment until they have completed an oil change. If they haven't used the product from any of the potentially contaminated batches, then they should return it to the retailer and they will be given a replacement or refund. The problem has been traced to our production plant in Italy, where we have taken appropriate steps, and in the meantime retailers have been asked to withdraw the potentially contaminated product from the shelves.

To find a full list of the specific product batch numbers that are affected go to the Castrol Moto website.

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It's rather pleasing to see a recall from Castrol

It shows that you can trust the manufacturer.

I have always and will always use it. :-)

Odd that someone from Castrol would use a hotmail email address to join though???


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My serial number rubbed off too but I called their help line. I bought mine at the tail end of last year. They are emailing me a claim form for 1L of oil and the 10L of fuel still in my motor.

Excellent service if you ask me.

They said I should put the petrol in a car or something. He said it was really only an issue if you have a feeder tank for oil where the water will separate and you could have petrol / water mix instead of petrol / oil mix.

I think I'll keep the petrol and oil mix in my paramotor!

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