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Polini Thor v moster


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Hi all

I am currently pondering changing my set up from a Moster powered pxp to a Zenith, I was thinking about moving to a Polini Thor 200 as I learnt with the 100 and loved the clutch and motor, but at the time i was buying my motor the 200 wasn't about so went for the Moster instead.

Now I know the Moster has had it's fair share of issues but they have all been sorted very nicely and it's now a great set up, but I miss the clutched drive so am considering the Thor - or should I say was!

Are they really as bad as I've been reading about? I have had a good search about and there isn't many good things said about them, is this just a lot of noise about a few duff motors or should I stick with a Moster powered unit?

Any help would be greatly appreciated


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My $0.02 for what it's worth. To me it seems like _every_ new paramotor engine has teething issues - even new models from companies that have been doing bespoke paramotor engines for years and years.

I don't think the Thor200 is as bad as all that, just because it has been so popular it's a victim of it's own success - it's being sold on a huge number of frames.

Most of the issues just seem to be jetting/squish/compression/fuel related, which is an issue on almost all high performance two strokes these days (not just paramotor engines).

I reckon give any new engine a year out in the field before you buy if you don't want any hassle.

But if you are keen on the latest and greatest, just be prepared to deal with teething issues, get your hands dirty, and trust the company to supply replacement parts.

The thor is a beautiful looking engine with some really well designed features, and has the potential to become one of the best units out there.

I would make an analogy to the two stroke engine and some Women I know, but that would be in bad taste...

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I have decided to keep the Moster I have already and bolt it to a Zenith, I haven't heard too many good things about the Polini, I'll hang for a couple of months and see if the new mods are any good but I have also heard about the new Bailey, if it does what is promised then I'll put my name on the waiting list!

Thanks for all your help


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