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Young newbie saying Hello!


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New here and thought id say hi, with a few questions, i think i'll start by telling you a little bit about myself, why im interested and then move on to a few questions.

Firstly a little about me. Im currently 15 and turning 16 early November this year, ive been an air cadet for 2 years and have enjoyed flying for years, i wish to fly either commercial or in the Raf when i am 18 and think getting flying hours in and of course the enjoyment. Im located in south Lincolnshire near Fenland airfield and spend a bit of my time at the airfield. I stumbled across Paramotoring when looking for a way to fly at 16 and for cheaper than doing my NPPL or PPL. I first found the ParamotorsUk and contacted a nice guy from there, who gave me some pointers into how to get started and pricing etc. But i have joined on here aswell, to hopefully meet some people, see if there are any groups near me and to learn more!

So thats a little about me, now on to some questions which i'll list to make it easier for everyone :)

1.) After speaking to an instrustor from ParamotorsUk he told me that there were no licences or medical training needed, but he advised training that could cost £1100 for the year? Can anyone extend on this information, i gather the outline that its not essential, but if helpful, but any more information?

2.) The guy also told me that i would be looking to need £3000 to get all the proper equiptment second hand and £6,000 for new, are these realistic figures? ( If you realise you are the person who spoke to me on the phone, im only asking for more information to have a broader understanding, hope you don't get offended)

3.) When can i get started!? :dive:

Thanks alot

Michael T

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Welcome to the Paramotor Club. :-)

All of the above sounds like good advice, regarding prices and so on...

You may be able to find someone closer to teach you, and this is the place to find out :-)


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