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micro avionics MP001A and plus max ul helmet


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yes thankyou, i was thinking about the icaro helmet but noticed there fittings seem to be inside the helmet?

another quick question the guys at microavionics will probably able to answer but untill then!. if you connect your phone and use it as an mp3 player and a call comes in if you get radio chatter while on the phone do you only here radio chatter and it cuts the sound from the phone and does the person on the phone here what your saying when transmitting on the radio?

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Daz, the fittings are in the helmet but you don't need to touch that.

Try popping off your ear defenders, the new ones just pop on. Well thats how it worked for me (my old ear muffs were Peltor)

I had the Bluetooth thing for the phone for a while but got bored of charging it etc

I can text if I really have to.

I love listening to music though!

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