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Corsair 175 M25Y any good?


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Ok thanks guys,

I cant find much info on their review, I did find that people say they are hard to start.. problems with flooding??

So the new Corsair 175 M25Y is still the old engine?

I'm having a look at a brand new RS Ultra in a couple weeks that I might be able to get reasonably cheap around $5400US.

It is the clutch engine, wooden prop, Tiny Tacho.


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Looking at a couple of websites it looks like they are now offering a clutch which may be why its stated as new? Also looks like newer M25Y may have different crank to facilitate the clutch.

Below is UK dealer and servicing link.


JPX Italia


American dealer Site with good info


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Have a closer look at the con air site :D

The M19y Black Magic is the clutched version. its also only 120cc

The M25y Black Devil comes in electric or manual versions at 172.5cc 22hp

The old version you refer to is the M21y which is still 172.5cc 21hp .But Heavier due to a bulky engine mounting cast and standard flywheel.

Been running my M25y for 400 hours on chainsaw oil :shock: without any major issues.

Problems so far.... The internal flywheel and stator attracts metal dust like a hoover, causing ignition and charging problems (Easy to clean if your mounting allows).

The solder joints on the stator required a little going over.

Flooding was an issue using a primer bubble. So Ive now fitted a sliding choke from a

Parajet :D

Yup its a little heavier than the newer standards. but I call that build quility :D

Colin B

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I was running the M21Y older version for a while (Still in the garage) and it is a great engine, very reliable.

and only a little heavier than the M25Y.

I was running a 122cm prop and getting about 75kg of thrust from it. I was not getting great economy from it but I weighed 20st at the time flying a Gin Bolero III. I think I got in the region of about 6 - 6.5 ltrs per hour.

I would think economy could be as low as 4 - 4.5 at normal weights and good wing choice.

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Spinning a parajet compact 3 blade prop @ 99cm

2.7-1 ratio (I think) there are 4 different ratios available.

Tested at 55kgs thrust.

For more useless info :D

I've used, BR7ES plugs changed about 9 times.

6 drive belts.

3 walbro rebuild kits (cut off the nipple on the rubber diaphragm)

2 plug caps.

1 starter motor bendix (the spring had sprung itself)

Colin B

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