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powick been cut


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Good stuff Jock,

Will be down when back from Algo. 7 days flying in a row so far. Rough at times in the midday thermals, but good experience. Had some big collapses and a few fights with dust devils!


Your having a ball by the sound of it,powick has been bailed 2day,so hopefully they will get rid of them over the week/end,,off to scaresfeild 2morro......

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We really need to organise a Worc's gang get together.................

Just thinking out loud here but in lieu of getting out flying together hows about we meet up for a curry at Cromwell's?

When you back Mike?

curry im in, we have another ppger just moved done from market harbourgh. thats 8 ppg that fly from powick,that i know off,.

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I went up ks to try new harness.then went to croff farm to see andy with his dragonfly,he t/o just as we got there,so had a chat with the malvern hg airtow group, then went and looked at the malvern strip, lots of remote helis flying..not a bad day in all,,,4hrs you done well. it will be time to give that knonig its first service after 13yrs lol////////////////

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Very jealous of your Algo trip Richard!! One of my favourite ever places, Fly all day with vultures then get drunk at JJ's. I've been over 3 times and never been dissapointed.

Hi Dan, It was quite rough some of the days, with the westerly Atlantic sea breeze hitting the prevailing SE winds quite early at about midday. The convergence was violent at times and I had the wing below me a couple of times. Weightlessness was also experienced twice. Wing recovered impeccably though, (worth sticking to an EN class C !!!). Prior to this time, if you could head off over east of the twin peaks (Olvera), you got quite a good flight in. 98km on one day for our group. Ronda was tricky to get to, as a result. Landed after one flight 5 seconds before a dusty arrived! No rain for 5 months over there, may have had something to do with the conditions! Evening flights reminded me of soaring the Malverns. 42 degrees C in Seville.....


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