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Nausea and sickness

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Hello chaps

Still undecided as to whether to learn this as a new hobby, biding my time! Hope to meet up with a member who's local and I already know who partakes, have a watch and see what I think.

Anyway, today and unrelated- I did a tandem skydive from 12,000ft. The MOST bizarre thing I've ever done and the feeling leaving the door was something I can't describe to anyone.

Freefall was fantastic and utterly weird. Think I laughed the whole time!

Once the 'chute popped open however, all changed- I very quickly started to feel VERY ill. To the point that I did actually chuck :oops: Poor Mike the instructor took some of it (can't have been very much though- wasn't a full blown explosion but bad enough!)

Was really annoyed with myself because I'd been looking forward to steering the 'chute on the way down and also getting a feeling for hanging from a canopy.

Could've been a number of reasons, lest to say- it happened and sadly did spoil the experience for me but such is life!

My question is, anyone ever feel/felt queasy paramotoring? I'm guessing it's far less violent than plummeting from a plane and the forces (generally) not nearly as extreme. As I was descending, all I wanted to do was get off the thing and get on the ground as quickly as possible- and I'm somewhat worried that I'm going to start to get ill paramotoring in which case it'll never work for me.... But I'm not comparing apples with apples to be fair...

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Imho I'd say it was all the excitement tempered with the natural thought of "what the heck is holding me up" it's very different going up in a paramotor especially as you'll be having so many things to be mindful of during your first few flights.

I reckon get the first one out the way and you'll be fine.

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Never heard of anyone getting air sickness on a paramotor. what were you looking at at the time the ground or the wing?

You know I don't think I looked at the wing at all- just down and forward

Mostly down a lot, which made my head spin honestly... Probably made it worse!

Crazy experience, that's for sure!

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Yep, I have always suffered from motion sickness. Boats are always the worst for me. However, when I did my PPL it was a nightmare. Just the smell of the cabin was enough to set me off.

I still get the odd bouts of nasea when paramotoring. Especially when it's lumpy and I'm trying to sort stuff out with the wing and not looking ahead. A few times I've been glad to get back on the ground.

I have to say though, that I bearly get it these days, which I think goes to prove that you do get used to it the more you do it.

Do not let it put you off.


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