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girl wanting to fly

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My name is carmen, I am 16 and i am thinking about learning to paramotor with my father, is there any other girls doing this round my age?

Also I have been watching some video clips of pilots paramotoring and the only thing that is worrying me is wing collapse, would my weight make it more risky of collapse. And is it common for collapse to happen?


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Hi Carmen,

Welcome to the forum. There are women flying paramotors though in fairly small numbers so far. I dont really know why as its well within most peoples ability.

Your size and weight will have no real effect on whether you have a collaps or not as you buy kit to suit your size and weight. If your small and light you have a smaller wing and one of the smaller paramotors which usually makes them lighter and more manageable for the smaller person.

Your instructor should be able to point you toward the right kit for you

Collapses arn't as common with paramotoring as they are with paragliding as we tend to fly in calmer less active air. They do happen very occasionally and usually caused by flying in rough conditions but tend to be done and popped out before you notice it.

Hope thats helped. Have a look at some of the training blogs and it will give you an idea of what to expect..

Cheers Col.....

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