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Harness Hang points?


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Hi all,

I have managed to pick up a second hand paramotor harness for ground handling, the only thing is that it is a low hang point harness, the one on my machine, a Solo 210 Fly castilucio ( sorry about the spelling ) is a high hang point. So far it has been great to use I have just had to take a wrap on the brakes rather than keep adjucting them. However the condition of the low hang point harness is better than the one on my Solo 210, hence I am wondering if it is possible to swap them over, or if this is even a feesible possiblity.

The harness on the motor is rivited on which isnt to difficult to over come but I am wondering about what issues would arise as I cant see it just being that easy ( nothing ever is! ). Can anyone shed some light on this for me.

Cheers Lee.

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