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Rad arrow paramotor???


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A skeleton with a wing the size of Spain. :lol:

Actually, I would recommend it to anyone who is light enough ( 70kg ) and is on a budget. I had the Arrow as my first Paramotor and 'upgraded' to a Javalin which was much better. I would never go back to high hangpoints but aside from that look after it and you will get air time :-)


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A Rad MXL got me in the air pretty easily at 82kg with T shirt and jeans. A 5mph wind with a long run got me up no bother at all.

I have just bought a Rad Arrow 2 weeks ago and that takes me straight up with minimal run.

The MXL, Arrow and Javelin all have the same raket 120 engine with different size props. You are on the heavy side for the MXL and Arrow but they would fly you with a decent run and flat ground (definatly the Arrow). The jav has (i think) a 130cm prop the same as my Aerodeck and that will defo get you in the air.

I fly the Arrow cos i'm a wus and like 18kg on my back as opposed to 28ish... hope this helps...

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Thanks for the info, I have bought an arrow off a guy I know without knowing to much about it really. I have a zorro wing which has a maximum weight of 114kg. So with me at 85 and the motor at 18 do you think this is big enough? Cheers Lee

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