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I bought a full size Nova wing and a separate harness last year to practice ground handling and had some fun with it. Looks like work will mean this is not my year to get trained, so I am selling them for the sum of £165.

An important bit: The wing was sold to me on the strict condition it was for ground handling only, so please note that. It looks in good condition to my newbie eye but is for ground practice only. :fail:

I am down near Dover and collection would be best but it could be posted/couriered at your cost. Any questions then drop me an email at security@marinesec.com



Someone has been in touch and wants it..so sold subject to exchange of beer tokens.

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What size are they please? My sister is looking for a g/h wing and harness.

Cheers, Andy

Morning Andy,

I am sorry to say I do not have an answer in terms of a number to that question. I have looked all over the harness and cannot find a size reference. When i bought it the size was described as medium and it is a bit snug on me, which would be about right. So i would suggest it is a medium to large with a fair range of adjustment in the straps. The wing is a full size Nova but I don't have room in the garage to get it out and search for the actual size, and outside we have rain this morning, so want to avoid getting it messy. If the weather dries out later I will pull it out.

Sorry to be so fecking useless on such a simple question.... :oops:



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No worries. Give us a shout when you know what's what. My sis isn't that big, so won't appreciate being dragged across the field by a large/XL. Medium would be about right for her. Can you also find out which nova it is please (some are easier to ground handle than others) as I don't want her to lose heart.

Cheers, Andy

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